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6 min readApr 4, 2021


When you think about putting in analytics, you most likely reach for Google Analytics. And you wouldn’t be alone. The platform’s tight integration with SEO and also the implication that victimization Google product is useful to ranking implies that Google Analytics is that the most ordinarily put in analytics resolution globally.

Google Analytics isn’t a foul choice: it’s free, it’s fairly comprehensive, and it will so tie most SEO efforts up with a pleasant bow.

But Google Analytics is additionally slow, very dangerous for privacy — each yours and your users’ — and several folks, it’s too unwieldy, having full-grown organically over the years into a comparatively complicated UI.

Some alternatives are quick, privacy-friendly, and intermeshed towards totally different specialisms. nowadays we’re misestimation up the best…

01. Heap

Heap is an associate degree event-based analytics platform. This means you’ll be able to tell not merely what number of folks visited your website however what actions they took after they were there. This isn’t a novel proposition, however, Heap is one of all the most effective implementations.

Heap offers an associate degree auto-track tool, that is good for brand new installations as a result of you’ll be able to get on your feet and running like a shot and fine-tune the main points later. that produces it nice for startups, though it’s additionally the selection of major companies like Microsoft.

Heap’s free to set up includes 60k sessions each year and twelve months of information history, however after you outgrow that, the business plans begin at $12,000/year.

2. ChartMogul

ChartMogul is intermeshed towards SaaS that supply subscription plans, staking a claim because the world’s 1st subscription information platform.

Services like Buffer and Webflow use ChartMogul to watch their revenue and analyze the ROI of changes to their options, design, and user expertise.

Ideally fitted to startups, ChartMogul evaluation relies on monthly revenant revenue; it’s a free set up for up to $10,000 MMR; at that time, the evaluation starts at $100/month.

03. Fathom

Fathom is an associate degree to impressive, privacy-first analytics resolution. It offers an easy dashboard and is good for anyone trying to find simple analytics data to verify business selections.

Fathom is ideally suited to freelancers, or entrepreneurs with multiple comes because it permits you to run multiple domains from one account. Fathom is entirely cookieless, which means you’ll be able to ditch that annoying cookie notice. It’s GDPR, ePrivacy, PECR, CCPA, and COPPA compliant.

There’s a seven-day free trial; at that time, Fathom starts at $14/month.

04. FullStory

FullStory is meant to assist you to develop participating on-line products with stress on user expertise. FullStory could be a set of tools, creating it ideal for big in-house groups or in-house groups operating with outside agencies or freelancers. It pitches itself as one supply of truth from that everybody from the promoting department to the information engineers will draw their insights, serving to digital groups quickly reiterate by keeping everybody within the same loop.

FullStory uses AI to trace and interpret sudden events, from rage clicks to traffic spikes and breaks those events all the way down to a dollar-cost, therefore you’ll be able to instantly see wherever your interventions can have the foremost impact.

There’s a free setup for up to 1k sessions per month; once you outgrow that, you would like to speak to the sales team for a quote.

05. Amplitude

Amplitude has one of all the foremost easy dashboards on this list, with plenty of power behind it. For project managers attempting to form science-based selections regarding future development, it’s a gold rush.

The drawback with Amplitude is that to form the foremost of its powerful information connections, you would like to pump loads of information in. For that reason, Amplitude is best suited to sites that have already got a considerable volume of traffic — among those customers are Cisco and PayPal.

Amplitude provides a free setup, with its core analytics and up to 10m tracked actions per month. For premium plans, you have got to contact their sales team for a quote.

06. Mixpanel

Mixpanel could be a little quiet associate degree analytics program, about to be an entire suite of net-tools it’s ventured into split testing and notifications.

Mixpanel is laser-focused on increasing your sales funnel. One examine the dashboard, and you’ll be able to see that Mixpanel, whereas o.k. designed, has too several options to gift them simply; Mixpanel is ideally suited to agencies and in-house development groups with time to speculate — you most likely wish to stay the CEO far away from this one.

Mixpanel includes a generous free set up for up to 100k monthly users, with its business plans beginning at $25/month.

07. Mode

The mode could be a serious enterprise-level resolution for product intelligence and higher cognitive process.

Ideally suited to in-house groups, Mode permits you to watch the money flow and output the leads to investor-friendly reports. You’ll be able to monitor your entire school stack and, of course, perceive however users are interacting together with your product. Curious WHO handles the analytics for Shopify? that will be Mode.

The mode includes a free setup geared toward people, however, this tool’s scope is absolutely on the far side freelancers, and also the free plan’s solely possible to charm high-priced consultants and school trouble-shooters. For the complete business setup, you would like to contact Mode’s sales team for a quote.

08. Microanalytics

Microanalytical could be a comparatively new analytics program with a light-weight, privacy-focused approach.

Microanalytical provides a straightforward dashboard with acquisitions, user location, technology, and also the all-important event pursuit to watch user behavior. Microanalytical is compliant with the web’s most rigorous privacy laws, together with GDPR, PECR, and CCPA. The pursuit code is simply 1kb in size, which means that you’ll hardly notice its footprint in your stats.

Microanalytical is free for up to 10k pageviews/month; at that time, the monthly setup starts at $9.

09. GoSquared

GoSquared is another suite of tools, this point geared toward SaaS. Its primary product is its analytics, however, it additionally includes live chat, promoting tools, and a team inbox.

If you’re uninterested in comparison multiple tools to assist create the foremost of your startup, GoSquared kills many birds with one stone. maybe most significantly, if you’re getting down to build a team and don’t have any engineers aboard nonetheless, GoSquared has an associate degree triumph support team associate degreed an idiot-proof setup method.

GoSquared includes a free setup that’s fine for evaluating the suite and desegregation information from day one. As you start to grow, paid plans begin at $40/month.

10. Segment

The segment could be very little different from the opposite analytics tools on this list; the phase could be a layer that sits between your website and your analytics. It integrates with several of the tools on this list.

There are many advantages to the present approach. the most one is that different groups inside your enterprise will access analytics information in a very kind that suits them — designers will access complicated information, and management will continue revenue flow. It additionally implies that you’ll be able to switch analytics programs with one setting in-phase and even migrate historical information into new apps. If you’re an associate degree enterprise that wishes to future-proof its client intelligence gathering, the phase is price considering.

The segment is trustworthy by a number of the web’s known names, from IBM to Levis, and…ahem…Google.

The segment is free for up to 1k guests per month, and at that time, the team set up starts at $120/month.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need help with what is right for you, using this link.