10 Features in Website that May increase Lead Generation

Aditya Agrahari
3 min readMar 9, 2021

1. Online Chat Feature -

This feature allows you to talk to your website visitors in real-time. In order to proactively shape the web advancements, we are implementing online chat functions that let you know which page the visitor is on so that you can start a meaningful chat with them and tell them what they are reading about. This will improve your leads instantly.

2. Pop-UPS -

If you are paying for online advertising, you know that generating traffic to your website is not all cheap. Most visitors who leave will come back, so every hint you get from the popup is more of what you’ve lost.

3. Google Analytics -

Google Analytics is a free analytics website from Google that gives you information about how users find and use the website. You will need to put in tracking code and tags to get started. After this, you will be able to get information about where your audience is from, how users navigate your website, and other more popular pages on the site.

4. Floating Menu Feature -

A static menu is a web component that stays in place while a user scrolls through the web page. More and more visitors are browsing websites via their mobile phones or desktop device. So the fixed menu feature enables users to be clear, regardless of your business contact information.

5. Hotjar -

It is a powerful tool that reveals users’ online behavior. By combining analysis and feedback tools. It helps you visualize how visitors use your website from their perspective.

6. Personalize your CTA’s -

Dynamic content leads to better user experience every time they visit your website. People who will on the website come across images, video, client testimonials that are tailored to the user’s interests. Better yet personalized call to actions convert 42% more visitors than basic calls to action and on-page personalization helps you have more number of leads.

7. More landing pages -

According to a recent survey, companies with 10 landing pages on their website are likely to generate 7 times more leads than companies with only 1 to 5 landing pages.

8. Thank-you pages -

It’s often noticed that landing pages get more attention in the lead generation process. But thank-you pages a visitor does not get overlooked once they submit a form on a landing page and turn it into a lead. Along with the thank you page, be sure to add a link for a new potential customer to download the offer. You can also include social media sharing buttons to generate additional leads.

9. Subscribe to a newsletter-

This plays an important role in the lead generation process as once a user enters their email ID, you can submit your daily blogs with the registered email address and this increases your chances of conversion which leads to a potential customer.

10. Nurture your leads-

Remember, no lead is magically converted. Only your efforts are important for the conversion. Lead nurturing should start with regularly following up on emails that have great content. As you maintain them, learn from your recent emails, keep in touch regularly, and send any future offers accordingly.

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