Aditya Agrahari
2 min readFeb 13, 2021

1- Device Synchronization

Whether smartphone, watch, or laptop — the user demands dynamic functions for all devices. Achieving this is, therefore, the next big priority for all devices

2- Minimalism

Make sure you get creative enough with minimalism in your UI design. Because following the trend, it seems that new trends are circling. Keep in mind that you have to make applications in such a way that the user spends most of the time

3- Voice UI & AI

Al is commonly used to process data that you call Siri or Alexa or unlock your phone through your face. See the trend that is happening, the voice and vision functionality will have more advancement

4- Mindful design

Usually, designers tend to follow design patterns that people widely adopt or love. What sets a designer apart from others is the ability to define what satisfies the end-users. The mindful design appears to have a positive effect on user perception

5- Astonishing animation

There is a misconception that complex animation is hardware-dependent to the point where it makes no sense to produce it for the mass handled by slow processors. The movement tells a story better than words. With better technology like TweenMax and WebGL, it will be about putting a substance into animation.

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