7 Steps to a Great Website

Before you start work on the actual design of the site, you should have a clear idea of what message you want your design to communicate and what style of design you intend to use.

First, think about the impression you want your target audience to be left with when they visit your site. Should they think of you as “trustworthy”, “young” or “high-tech”? Then look at other people’s sites, as well as ads in magazines and newspapers, to find a style you think would work for you. Once you find a style you like, ask a few potential customers what they think. After all, they’re the people who’ll be using your site.

Mood Boards

A mood board will give you a good starting point for your site design and can help you communicate your ideas to other people. It should also give you ideas for colors, images, and characters.

7 Steps to a Great Site

1. Planning:

2. Design:

3. Writing and Content Gathering:

4. Building the Site:

5. Testing:

6. Promotion:

7. Evolution:

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