There’s a huge difference between intelligence and wisdom. And that difference is called perspective.

Intelligence boils down to curiosity and wisdom boils down to patience.

Intelligence will help you find right answers and wisdom helps you to find right questions.

Overuse of one attribute can wear you out while the other one can calm you down.

Both are needed in the right mix. Nurture accordingly.

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I have studied in both Kendriya Vidyalaya and a Convent private school.

While I was in KV, everyone was encouraged to participate in sports and cultural functions. Every single student was given a chance and motivation to speak in public.

Unfortunately this was not the case in my other school. We were not allowed to speak or put up our opinions. Students were not given any opportunity to speak or perform in front of masses.

Before joining this school I was a confident boy and ended up graduating as a shy person with stage fright.

It took me years to overcome these challenges and fear.



There is this saying in Sanskrit:

Shanti Tulyam Tapo Naasti, Na Shantoshaat Param Sukham, Na Trushnayah Paro Vyadhirne, Cha Dharmo Dayaparah.


Shaanti samaan koi tapasya nahi hoti, Man ki santushti samaan koi Sukh nahi. Lobh samaan ko rog nahi hota, aur daya-karuna samaan koi dharm nahi.


There is no pursuit like pursuing peace of mind, there is no happiness like being content. There is no illness bigger than greed and there is no Religion bigger than compassion.