uiDo’s & Don’ts of Typography

Aditya Agrahari
3 min readMar 26, 2021


While designing a brochure, business card or anything related to typography it can have a huge effect on the look of your designs.

Here is a few typography do’s and dont’s that I see misused most frequently among bloggers, business owners, and marketing managers:

1. Don’t: Add Drop Shadows behind the Text

Adding drop shadow behind text nowadays considered as old fashioned and it makes your design look unpleasant. Not only it looks poor but it also makes text harder to read.

2. Do’s: Show Contrast Between Text & Body

Light text on a dark background is mostly used for better readability, same goes with dark text on a light background. No one wants to read the content that is barely visible.

3. Don’t use Multiple Fonts

Don’t use more than two fonts in your design. Google fonts provide thousands of free fonts for your work, but it doesn’t mean you have to use all of them at once it will make your project overkill.

4. Do learn the Difference between Typeface & Font

A Typeface is the name of the family like for example Times new roman, Helvetica Neue, etc, whereas fonts refer to the weight, width, and style that form a Typeface.

5. Don’t use Comic Sans

Comic Sans is not the right kind of typography to be used in a Website or Design. Comic Sans is usually used for cartoon bubbles. You should also avoid using novelty fonts that distract readers too much.

6. Do use Line Spacing

Line spacing is a vertical distance between a line of text, this is referred to as line spacing. By adding Line Spacing, makes the user easier to read.