Recently I came across this bizarre yet convincing theory about time and its relativity to our memories.

What is Time?

Is Time not Real? Is it just an illusion?

Baffled? There is more.

How do I process this?

It’s a theory, and should be processed like one. If everything is happening simultaneously, then I am already a multi billionare, just waiting to happen on this dimension. Now has a different meaning altogether.

If there is a remote possibility of this being true, and physicists working on this are able to establish this as fact, just imagine the kind of impact it will make on the mindset.

Laws of Universe

If a palm reader tells a child that he is destined to be wealthy, his entire life he believes in this prediction. This strong belief will subconsciously help this child to take decisions to be rich and wealthy. As the man thinks so is he and the words become flesh!


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