Is Time an Illusion?

What is Time?

Time feels real. Forward moving sequence of advancement. Time is like a river, always flowing, in order, one after another. We understand time as something which can be quantified between events and has duration. This means we can measure time.

Is Time not Real? Is it just an illusion?

What if time is not real? What if time is just an illusion and a projection of our mind trying to organise memories? What if everything is happening simultaneously? And our mind is constructing this reality of time just to make sense of what is NOW.

Baffled? There is more.

If space-time is like a DVD then life is like a Movie. DVD does not change despite all the drama and plots inside the movie. So if we go by the theory, then everything is happening now. Everything is happening simultaneously. Mind blown, right?

How do I process this?

Laws of Universe

A very wise person told me this, if everything is happening simultaneously, you already have what you want in life. The kind of impact this makes on your psyche is unimaginable.


Stay positive, believe in your goals.



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