The In’s and Out’s of web development to know and what you should do Today

Aditya Agrahari
3 min readMar 13, 2021

The journey to be successful in web development begins with small things like learning the frontend & backend parts as well as some tools which play a vital role in building the web project. Beginners to coding start with a lot of expectations in the job but soon find out they may not even be close to the real situation.

As a web developer you need to learn new things like:

  • How to write clean code
  • How to debug the code
  • How to work on someone else’s code
  • How to refactor your code
  • How to research things on your own and build a feature.

Here’re a few Ins and Outs of web development to know and what you should do today

Having a degree is not enough to enter in Programming

As a novice to programming or web development, a college degree is not just the only option to enter this field. Many resources are available on the internet that can teach you coding like youtube videos, StackOverflow etc.

Writing an Easy Code is more important than writing complex Code

Many developers in top web development companies try to show off writing fancy or complex code, but it’s good to keep your code simple — A simple and clean code that is easy to understand and easy to modify even by other developers.

You need to be a good Problem Solver

If you are a good problem solver, you become more valuable to the web development company. Your salary may be paid to solve the problems & not to write innumerable lines of code. A good developer should be creative and do out-of-the-box thinking. They need to find out the best solution to build a feature or to fix a certain problem effectively.

Fixing the Bug is a time-consuming Process

A bug-free code is nearly impossible for newbie developers. It takes a lot of time and working experience to fix the bugs. Once they start understanding the flow of a project, they can use some debugging techniques to fix the bug.

Achieving Responsiveness of the web application can be frustrating

Many types of mobile devices are being used today. Web developers find it tough to make the application look good and awesome for all screen size devices. You will be able to fix these issues a lot using media queries and other techniques.

You need not memorise everything

Beginners to coding make this mistake a lot and their progress becomes slow. It’s not a good idea to memorise each tag of HTML or syntax of your programming language. If you don’t know something then you can always Google it and use it. Syntax of the code gets embedded in your brain after some experience writing the same code multiple times.

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